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October 17, 2014

by Peter Labuza Film

Listen Up Philip | Alex Ross Perry

October 17, 2014

Near the end of Listen Up Philip, the audacious third feature from Alex Ross Perry, narcissistic author Philip (Jason Schwartzman) attempts to rekindle some sympathy from his ex-girlfriend, Ashley (Elizabeth Moss). Perry shoots the sequence with a door framed between them as Ashley explains how she has finally cut him entirely out of her life. But instead of hearing this explanation directly from Ashley, we instead hear it relayed through the film’s omniscient voiceover narrator (Eric Bogosian). Despite the prevalence…

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by Matt Lynch Film

Fury | David Ayer

War in cinema is often treated either as a crucible upon which manhood is tested and goodness defended (Saving Private Ryan) or as a portrait of irrational human cruelty (Come and See). There’s a tendency in the way we view war films to try…

October 17, 2014
by Andy Crump Film

The Book of Life | Jorge R. Gutiérrez

Jorge R. Gutierrez wants to teach people about his heritage. He also wants to make colorful, energetic animated films to dazzle a wide audience. With The Book of Life, Gutierrez manages to scratch both itches at once. It’s his first credit as a director…

October 17, 2014
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