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July 2018

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Quick Takes on Albums 2018 – Halftime

July 3, 2018

All this week at In Review Online, we’ll be presenting our takes on some notable (and less notable) albums that saw release during the first six months of the year, more or less chronologically. In the first of four installments, we look at quarter one 2018 releases, including a strong feminist statement from ’90s alterna-pop hero Tracey Thorn; Justin Timberlake’s failed-experiment pop blockbuster; the long awaited return of ’90s indie-rock heroes the Breeders; and plenty of others.…

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BAMcinemafest 2018 – Dispatch 2

July 2, 2018

The BAMcinemaFest wrapped its 10th edition earlier this week. We already covered some of the festival’s selections here. For our final dispatch, we look at a handful of strong documentaries from up and coming filmmakers, as well as a major new film from American indie film veteran Andrew Bujalski.…

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