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March 15, 2019

#KickingtheCanon by Greg Cwik Film

Eyes Wide Shut | Stanley Kubrick

March 15, 2019

Stanley Kubrick’s final film is one of the least-sexy films ever made about sex. Libidinous, yes, and full of naked bodies in salacious motion, engaging in lubricious acts — but also off-putting, too meticulous to be arousing. Eyes Wide Shut is a dreamy traipse through the nocturnal fantasies of a successful Manhattan doctor (Tom Cruise) who, married to a beautiful…

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Before We Vanish by InRO Staff Feature Articles Film

Before We Vanish | Issue 2

OK, so things don’t really vanish anymore: even the most limited film release will (most likely, eventually) find its way onto some streaming service or into some DVD bargain bin assuming that those still exist by the time this sentence finishes. In other words, while the title of In Review…

March 15, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism