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April 19, 2019

#BlockbusterBeat by Daniel Gorman Film

Hellboy | Neil Marshall

April 19, 2019

Other than as blatant studio IP management, there is no real reason for this Hellboy to exist. Some executive realized, hey, we have a superhero comic book character just sitting there, going unused, waiting for franchise rebirth. The problem is that the first two Hellboy films, while not particularly huge moneymakers, have a loyal fanbase that have been clamoring for a third Guillermo del Toro entry for years. So, determined to please no one, we have a new Hellboy film…

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#StreamingScene by Luke Gorham Film

Guava Island | Hiro Murai

“Anywhere where in order to get rich you have to make someone else richer is America” says musician Deni (Donald Glover) early into Guava Island — a cynical musing that proves a thematic ingress for this film. The specifics of the fictional, Caribbean-flecked nation…

April 19, 2019
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