#ObscureObject by Will Rivitz Music

KOAN Sound | Polychrome

December 15, 2018
© Sarah Koury / KoLAB Studios

Though Polychrome is KOAN Sound’s first proper album, it functions more as a career retrospective. The Bristol duo came into their own just over 5 years ago, when they expanded their repertoire from neck-snapping dubstep and glitch-hop into a more diverse array of sonics. While always excellent producers, they really left their mark once they started letting their more maximalist and frenetic impulses, and their instrumentally knotty compositional sense, inform …

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#ObscureObject by Paul Attard Music

Sun Kil Moon | This Is My Dinner

November 7, 2018

If you’ve listened to any Sun Kil Moon album released in the past decade, then you know what to expect going into their latest, This Is My Dinner: Frontman Mark Kozelek plodding on endlessly about a microdrama that consumes his life; minimalistic instrumentation that teeters between simple elegance and tedious monotony; and a bloated length that only the most hardcore of fans can get behind. It’s a formula that benefited Kozelek’s first band, slowcore pioneers Red House Painters,…

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