by Evan Morgan

by Evan Morgan Film Retrospective

Afternoon | Tsai Ming-liang

June 18, 2020

Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng have one of the strangest relationships in movies. For dedicated Tsai (and Lee) fans, that goes almost without saying. From the beginning, this director’s camera has reserved for this actor’s body its tenderest embraces, its lustiest looks, its cruelest impositions. Tsai’s cinematic gaze is inseparable from his personal, sexual one: he clearly has a thing for his leading man. That’s not in and of itself remarkable—a lot of people who step behind camera are, at…

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by Evan Morgan Film Retrospective

The Walker Shorts | Tsai Ming-liang

In 2013, around the time that Stray Dogs had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Tsai Ming-liang announced his retirement from filmmaking. In the seven years since, he’s shown himself to be a rather active retiree, signing his name to no fewer…

June 15, 2020
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