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Berlin Film Festival 2020 | Dispatch 1: First Cow, Red Moon Tide, Anne at 13,000 Ft.

February 25, 2020

Our first dispatch from the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival takes on a diverse mix of 2019 festival circuit frequenters and a pool of debuting international fare, including: Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow; Lois Patiño’s sophomore effort, Red Moon Tide; Guy Maddin look-alike (courtesy of fellow Winnipeg native Matthew Rankin) The Twentieth Century; and Alexander Kluge’s latest, Orphea; among others. First Cow is a film of beginnings and endings (and thusly also of returns). Kelly Reichardt‘s second period film marks the return of the 4:3 aspect…

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by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

Neighboring Scenes 2020

Neighboring Scenes ends its short Film at Lincoln Center engagement today, and we are happy to be covering it for the first time in this, its fifth year. Celebrating contemporary Latin American cinema, in its myriad forms and cinematic modes, Neighboring Scenes uses big…

February 18, 2020
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