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Intersections of American Evil: A Decade of Eli Roth

April 18, 2019

Eli Roth has long thrived in a culture that does not seem to understand, nor like, him. This isn’t to say that he’s lacked success at the box office, nor that he doesn’t have a devoted, cult-ish fanbase; but rather, Roth’s work is consistently read in bad faith by critics and audiences alike. There has been a tendency in place to underestimate Roth from the get-go — when his most widely celebrated films (Cabin Fever and Hostel) were excoriated by…

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#KickingtheCanon by M.G. Mailloux Film

A Perfect World | Clint Eastwood

A Perfect World‘s title is contradictory, born from a phrase that implies that life will never really amount to what we want it to — but abbreviated, so as to suggest that the central relationship in Clint Eastwood’s film is a utopian alternative to the…

March 3, 2019
#StreamingScene by M.G. Mailloux Film

High Flying Bird | Steven Soderbergh

It is the proclivity of many a film-watcher to make a director’s body of work conform to a linear narrative — and while it isn’t rare that a filmmaker winks at, and plays with, this supposition, in our postmodern era, it is rare that a filmmaker chooses projects for the specific purpose that…

February 10, 2019
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Future | Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd

As far as contemporary pop stars go, Future was always somehow simultaneously the surest, and the least sure, bet: In the context of current rap, his success makes perfect sense, fitting right alongside Drake’s and Kanye West’s, two artist’s who’ve nimbly adapted to the shifting aesthetic trends in their genre. But…

January 28, 2019