by Tanner Stechnij

#ObscureObject by Tanner Stechnij Music

The Japanese House | Good at Falling

March 14, 2019

The Japanese House of 2019 isn’t the same artist as the dreampop debutant who gained recognition for her first EP, Pools to Bathe In, in 2015. Back then, soloist Amber Bain’s identity was unknown and her auto-tuned, low-pitched, androgynous voice only added to her elusiveness. Now, with the release of her first full-length album, Good at Falling, Bain has lifted the veil: she’s finally shedding the mystery that’s surrounded her music, directly referring to real-life friends and lovers with first names…

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#ObscureObject by Tanner Stechnij Music

The Delines | The Imperial

A rundown old car in a parking lot and two apartment complexes — one white, one a pale pink — are backdropped by an overcast sky. A rickety-looking telephone pole stands between them. This is the image used as the cover photo for retro-soul country outfit…

January 25, 2019