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Rooted & Restless | Issue 1

March 3, 2019

Our new monthly music feature, Rooted & Restless, finds country music aficionados Josh Hurst and Jonathan Keefe wading into all things Americana, expanding the definition of ‘country’ to incorporate all the permutations that the genre has opened itself up to, especially in recent years. And our first issue, focused on February releases, already…

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#KickingtheCanon by Josh Hurst Music

Bob Dylan | The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

May 29, 2015

Though the cumulative impact of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is considerable, and its achievement is towering, it remains a strangely difficult record to discuss by way of synopsis or generalization; there’s simply no way to avoid digging into specific virtues of its songs, because the songs represent the sum total of what this album is.…

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#KickingtheCanon by Veronika Ferdman Film

Night Tide | Curtis Harrington

March 16, 2015

Curtis Harrington’s Night Tide screened in 1963 as the second half of an Edgar Allan Poe inspired double bill alongside Roger Corman’s The Raven. It is almost unfathomable that a film as guileless and pure and innocent (but not naive) as this could ever be made today. Harrington’s landlady warned him that starting production on the film when Mercury was rising would only spell trouble, but he forged ahead and created a work of gray shadows, twinkling lights of the rides…

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#KickingtheCanon by Zach Lewis Music

Thelonious Monk Quartet | Monk’s Dream

February 6, 2015

When first stumbling my way through the world of jazz, falling in love with Thelonious Monk seemed only natural. His choices from note to note are ubiquitous, each carrying his signature; they tend to sound wrong at first, then fit just right during the refrain. Listening to Thelonious Monk’s recordings in the 21st century, then, reveals both a…

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by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 3

March 21, 2011

#3: Nothing So Appalling in the Annals of Horror: The First American Goremeister Download episode here. Episode Description: This week, Bad Idea Podcast tackles—and without shoulder pads—Herschell Gordon Lewis’s filmography. In time for Anthology Film Archives’ recent mini-retro of Lewis’s films, we look back at the first acknowledged American goremeister, a man whose reputation precedes him, but generally makes terrible, terrible movies. This is not a point of contention between Steve & Simon…

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by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 1

February 7, 2011

#1: Lemme Take You to a Show, Whoa-oh Whoa-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh Oh Oh: Frank Zappa on Film Download episode here. Episode Description: Everybody’s got to start somewhere so this first episode is not even close to being topical. The topic du jour is Frank Zappa on film and why watching either 200 Motels or Uncle Meat, mockumentaries-cum-freak-outs starring Frank and the Mothers of Invention, are arguably a unique form of cruel and unusual torture. They’re also unique products of…

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