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Less Human Than Human: A Decade of Rob Zombie

November 14, 2019

Ever since his 2003 debut, House of 1000 Corpses, Rob Zombie has used cinema to engage the paradox of counter-cultural extremity and populism. Raised as a child of the seventies – who saw violent episodes unfold in his family’s travelling carnival – Zombie built up an eclectic reserve of reference points. (Not only from the carnie world, but also through a vast array of pop cultural phenomena, from Tod Browning to ABBA to Black Sabbath to Evel Knievel to Steven…

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by Luke Gorham Film Retrospective

Mystery | Lou Ye

Despite Lou Ye’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of Chinese censorship guidelines – due to his often frank and incisive takes on politics, gender, and sexuality – Mystery proves a confoundingly tame affair. It opens with the antics of privileged, hedonistic youths racing cars…

May 17, 2019
by Paul Attard Retrospective

In Another Country | Hong Sang-soo

In Another Country signals something of a shift in the approach of Hong Sang-soo’s films, one in which the director’s generally economically modest production methods begin to become more consistently transnational. The film centers on a woman played by French actress Isabelle Huppert, who…

October 25, 2018
by Johnny Han Retrospective

The Day He Arrives | Hong Sang-soo

Hong Sang-soo’s monochromatic, soju-soaked, metaphysical odyssey, The Day He Arrives, explores the question of whether or not one can ever really escape the past, but as considered through the filter of Hong’s signature narrative tropes. Over the course of a three-day visit to Seoul,…

October 25, 2018
by Sean Gilman Retrospective

Oki’s Movie | Hong Sang-soo

“Things repeat themselves with differences I can’t understand,” proclaims Oki (Jung Yu-mi), the director of the fourth, and final, film-within-the-film that comprises Hong Sang-soo’s 2012 feature Oki’s Movie. She has attempted to compare and contrast two relationships that she had — one with a…

October 25, 2018
by Simon Abrams by Steve Carlson Podcasts

Bad Idea Podcast | Episode 32

#32: Beyond the Masked Tortilla: Musicians Making Movies Download episode here. Episode Description: “This is where we came in…” Like guilty men returning to the scene of a crime, Simon and Steve decide to revisit an idea they’ve had before — in fact, the idea behind the very…

December 18, 2017
by Luke Gorham Podcasts

Summer Blockbuster!?! | Episode 6

#6: People Like Us Download episode here. Listen to episode here. Episode Description: As the latest version of The Mummy lurches its way into theaters, we take a look at director Alex Kurtzman’s directorial debut, 2012’s family dramedy People Like Us, a film that forces us…

June 14, 2017
by Zach Lewis Retrospective

Bad Film | Sion Sono

Despite its 2012 release, Bad Film captures a Sion Sono before he reached international acclaim; before his particular brand of otaku-influenced action films; and before his unabashed revelry in exhibitionism and voyeurism. It was filmed back in the mid-’90s, way before Sono’s breakout Suicide Club, and…

August 24, 2016
In Review | Online film and music criticism