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by Carson Lund Film

Maidan | Sergei Loznitsa

December 12, 2014

It would be a mistake to overstate the similarities between the events presented in Sergei Loznitsa’s Maidan — a series of non-violent protests gone awry in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2013 — and the ugliness this year in Ferguson, Mo., but you would have to be blind not to be struck by them. Both situations were large-scale civilian revolts in metropolitan areas that ballooned into deadly confrontations with heavily militarized police forces, hurled tear-gas canisters and unreasonably threatening…

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by Ty Landis Film

Actress | Robert Greene

Opening with a tableau of a woman dressed in red, standing over her kitchen sink with her back to the camera, Robert Greene’s (Kati with an I, Fake It So Real) latest documentary, Actress, almost immediately establishes itself as a dizzying non-fiction force to…

November 7, 2014
In Review | Online film and music criticism