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Blade Runner 2049 | Denis Villeneuve

October 6, 2017

It’s worth remembering that, at the time of its 1982 initial release, nobody really knew what to make of, or much cared for, Blade Runner. Ridley Scott’s one-time sci-fi flop (now duly reclaimed and canonized, and available in 5 different cuts) was deliberately meandering, opaque, and portentous—as well as drop dead gorgeous, a hypnotic drone, and a fabulous technical showcase (even in its sort of nascent original theatrical form). Blade Runner 2049 is basically all of these things, but often to a much greater degree.…

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by InRO Staff Feature Articles Film Year in Review

Top 10 Films of 2015

A typical year spent traversing the cinematic landscape results in straddling some kind of line: one foot confidently marches off into the future while the other remains firmly planted in the past. Innovation is an organic byproduct of any artform, but so is adherence to a certain classicism, and 2015…

December 31, 2015
#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

Sicario | Denis Villeneuve

After a raid gone bad, FBI Agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt, on a hell of a winning streak) is detailed by a “consultant” (Josh Brolin), probably CIA, to ride shotgun on what’s supposed to be a trip to Phoenix but turns out to be…

September 22, 2015
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