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by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

Toronto International Film Festival 2016 – Dispatch 2

September 26, 2016

The 41st Toronto International Film Festival recently wrapped, and our writers were on hand to soak up the cinema bounty. Our second and final dispatch (find our first here) features some heavy, (seemingly) politically-minded films, including Bertrand Bonello’s festival fire-bomb Nocturama, which was rejected by both the Cannes and Venice film festivals; Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at Sea, a documentary about the European migrant crisis; and Oliver Stone’s latest biopic, Snowden.…

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#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

Midnight Special | Jeff Nichols

March 30, 2016

As in his own Take Shelter and Mud, director Jeff Nichols’s Midnight Special laces a story of filial and marital angst with sudden violence and off-kilter genre trappings, creating, as many have noted, a strange mix of early Spielberg, golden age John Carpenter, and maybe a little vintage Stephen King. Nichols’s primary stroke of genius is an almost ruthless lack of exposition: We’re thrown in with Roy (Michael Shannon), his young son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), and State trooper Lucas (Joel Edgerton), all apparently on the run from a shady…

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by Luke Gorham Feature Articles Film Year in Review

Luke Gorham’s Top 10 Films of 2008 (So Far)

July 1, 2008
Paranoid Park

To begin, what you are about to read will not be commonplace – Sam will generally be the more cynical, the more unpredictable, and the slightly harder to please. However, for the moment I’m going to borrow the tough critic hat from Sam and just throw this out there: 2008 films suck…so far. That said, I’ll validate and excuse that claim a bit. First off, I expect big things from the rest of the year; it’s not looking like another 2007,…

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