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by Peter Labuza Film

A War | Tobias Lindholm

February 9, 2016
A War (2016)

In Tobias Lindholm’s A Hijacking, the filmmaker staged a Somali pirate hostage negotiation in real time. The film was all business, keeping any opinions about morality and politics close to the vest until its third act twist. Lindholm’s latest, A War, eschews laser-focused attention for quiet contemplation, and with it, a lot of dead air.…

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by Carson Lund Film

Force Majeure | Ruben Ostlund

October 24, 2014

Though it touches upon the comedy of remarriage film, the family vacation film, the bourgeois critique film, and the male-id exposé film, Force Majeure is nonetheless first and foremost something like a science-fiction object, the kind of thing that some heretofore-undetermined future intelligent species might ponder over in collective amusement. What it shows us is a visual dialectic of inherent absurdity: a natural landscape — the Swiss Alps — of imposing vastness and even more imposing indifference, and swarms of white vacationers bundled up…

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by Veronika Ferdman Film

White Bird in a Blizzard | Gregg Araki

October 24, 2014

Whether or not one ultimately finds David Fincher’s recent film Gone Girl feminist, misogynist, or somewhere in between, it is thrilling to see a narrative so wickedly and deliciously crafted by the mysteriously vanished Amy, the words of her diary giving presence to her absence. The veracity of the flashbacks set off by the diary becomes irrelevant: It is the controlling power of the writer’s voice…

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