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A Triple Threat: Triple Threat… and Two Other Movies

July 14, 2019

To refer to action films as ‘violent ballet’ is to flirt with cliché — but there’s a kernel of truth there. Not for nothing is John Woo a fan of classical Hollywood musicals; John McTiernan has spoken frequently of his desire to make his editing rhythms more “musical”; and Jackie Chan and his ilk are trained performers, like dancers, not actually martial artists.…

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#StreamingScene by Daniel Gorman Film

The Wandering Earth | Frant Gwo

It’s fascinating to watch a movie come out and gross hundreds of millions of dollars, while also barely making a blip on the American pop culture radar. Obviously, other countries have been producing their own films for as long as the medium has existed,…

May 31, 2019
#StreamingScene by Daniel Gorman Film

Paddleton | Alex Lehmann

In Alex Lehmann’s Paddleton, Mark Duplass and Ray Romano play Michael and Andy, a couple of sadsack, socially awkward, loser neighbors who have struck up a friendship based seemingly on proximity and mutual apathy. When Michael is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he enlists Andy…

March 3, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism