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#KickingtheCanon by Daniel Gorman Film

Alien | Ridley Scott

January 23, 2020

…Casablanca is not just one film. It is many films, an anthology. Made haphazardly, it probably made itself, if not actually against the will of its authors and actors, then at least beyond their control. And this is the reason it works, in spite of aesthetic theories and theories of film making. For in it there unfolds with almost telluric force the power of Narrative in its natural state, without Art intervening to discipline it. … When all the archetypes burst…

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#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

The Martian | Ridley Scott

In addition to the spectacle of characters struggling to outlast the elements, survival-specific adventure films typically involve some sort of additional antagonist. Some guy’s trapped in the woods? There’s probably a hungry bear around. Stranded on a desert island? Maybe cannibals, or some kind…

September 30, 2015
by Matt Lynch Film

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Ridley Scott

The recent controversy over the casting of predominantly white actors in Middle Eastern roles in Exodus: Gods and Kings is, it turns out, the least of the film’s problems. Not even Ridley Scott’s prodigious skills as a visual stylist are enough to prevent Exodus:…

December 12, 2014
by InRO Staff Feature Articles Film Year in Review

Top 20 Films of 2013

For a while, it seemed like 2013 had front-loaded its highlights; many films making our Top 20 either played the festival circuit in 2012 before finally getting their official theatrical runs Stateside (Like Someone in Love, Frances Ha, and our top pick) or they premiered…

December 31, 2013
In Review | Online film and music criticism