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December 17, 2015

by Charles Lyons-Burt Film

Creed | Ryan Coogler

December 17, 2015

Ryan Coogler’s Rocky spin-off Creed begins, evocatively, in a juvenile corrections facility. A handsomely framed shot depicts a line of African-American boys filing through a gated door, before the camera pushes into the room on the other side where a fight has broken out. At the center is our young protagonist, Donny Johnson, née Adonis Creed (Alex Henderson here, Michael B. Jordan as a man). Soon, Don is whisked off to an antithetically plush life in a mansion with his…

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#BlockbusterBeat by Matt Lynch Film

The Big Short | Adam McKay

News to absolutely nobody: in 2008 a mounting, toxic combination of sheer cluelessness and outright lawbreaking caused the US housing market to collapse, leading to a massive taxpayer-funded government bailout of several enormous financial institutions. In the wake of this, very little new legislation…

December 17, 2015
by Ty Landis Film

James White | Josh Mond

A stain of blood remains on a shower window after a night of debauchery, a son miles away from home tells his mother, “I love you” on the phone in a subtle register that suggests a history of tenderness and an immediate obligation of…

December 17, 2015
by Willow Catelyn Maclay Film

Carol | Todd Haynes

Like someone’s old love letters or the keepsake wilted flowers of a first love, Carol has the feel of a kind of attic picture that’s been sitting and collecting dust for years, an appropriate matching of form and function. Shot on grainy 16mm, director…

December 17, 2015
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