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January 2019

by Joe Biglin Music What Would Meek Do?

Valee | GOOD Job, You Found Me

“Miami,” the first proper song on what-we’re-I-guess-calling-an-EP, GOOD Job, You Found Me, features Valee finally employing his soft-spoken, rise-and-fall flow popularized by hit single “Womp Womp.” Unfortunately, the memory of “Womp Womp” is all one can really gain from such a personality-void of a track — a…

January 13, 2019
by Paul Attard Music What Would Meek Do?

Lil Baby & Gunna | Drip Harder

Atlanta’s Lil Baby and College Park’s Gunna are both cut from the same cloth — or, more appropriately, from the drip of the same man: Young Thug. Both artists have clearly been influenced by the upper-register eccentricity of Thugga (Gunna is even signed to his Young…

January 13, 2019
by Gina Sancricca Music What Would Meek Do?

Meek Mill | Championships

Serving as Meek Mill’s triumphant return from a long period of legal battles and L-taking, Championships is the rapper’s first album since his controversial 2017 incarceration — which stemmed from a technical probation violation for popping an illegal wheelie that cost him six months of his life — and…

January 13, 2019
by Paul Attard Music What Would Meek Do?

J. Cole | KOD

J. Cole is, if anything, consistent: He’s dropped an album every two years for his past three projects; he’s constantly tried his damnedest to prove his worth as this generation’s Tupac (one could easily replace that with Nas — but he’s already let him…

January 13, 2019
by Alex Engquist Film Streaming Scene

Occidental | Neïl Beloufa

The first feature from French-Algerian visual artist Neïl Beloufa is an odd hybrid of comic arthouse thriller and Brechtian installation piece. Set in a shabby 1970s-chic Parisian hotel, in present day — with protestors facing off against riot police outside in the street — Occidental immediately establishes its atmosphere…

January 10, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism