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March 2019

by Lawrence Garcia Film

Fausto | Andrea Bussmann

Frequently inscrutable and often enveloped in literal darkness, Andrea Bussmann’s Fausto offers the latest (cinematic) rumination on the foundational myth of man’s dealings with the devil. Mostly filmed along Mexico’s Oaxacan coast, the movie offers vistas shrouded in mystery — landscapes seemingly untouched by…

March 28, 2019
by Daniel Gorman Film

Bait | Mark Jenkin

Director Mark Jenkin’s Bait is a fascinating curiosity. As a drama, it’s fairly basic, but also mostly effective: Martin & Steven Ward (Edward Rowe & Giles King), fishermen in Cornwall, England, butt heads with vacationing yuppies Tim and Sandra Leigh (Simon Sheperd & Mary…

March 28, 2019
by Paul Attard Film

Belonging | Burak Çevik

Belonging opens with a voice-over delivering an admission of guilt, one coldly articulated by Onur (Çaglar Yalçinkaya), as he hastily divulges the details surrounding the murder of his lover’s mother. As Onur flies through the harrowing details of this crime’s inception, and its aftermath…

March 28, 2019
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

New Directors/New Films 2019 – Dispatch 1

The 48th edition of New Directors/New Films runs March 27th – April 7th. For our first of two dispatches, we tackle the second feature from Canadian filmmaker Philippe Lesage (Genesis); a “deceptively minimalist” debut from a Mexican actress-turned-filmmaker (The Chambermaid); a Turkish love story spun on its…

March 28, 2019
by Calum Reed Film Streaming Scene

Ellipsis | David Wenham

Modestly assembled and expertly executed, David Wenham’s delightful debut feature Ellipsis conjures those occasions when human connection comes calling, often in spite of some general apathy. Employing a style of narrative popularized by Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, the actor-turned-director’s serendipitous romance is the story of…

March 28, 2019
by Sam C. Mac Film Horizon Line

Ash is the Purest White | Jia Zhangke

Ash Is Purest White begins with the blaring of a bus horn — a sound which bears striking resemblance to another, heard at the end of an earlier Jia Zhangke film: 2001’s Platform. This makes sense, because these two works are really sister films.…

March 25, 2019
by Taylor Murnane Kicking the Canon Music

Cocteau Twins | Treasure

From their first release (1982’s Garlands), Cocteau Twins enjoyed critical acclaim. But it was only after the departure of founding member and bassist Will Heggie — and the induction of his replacement, Simon Raymonde — in 1983, that the band would settle into the sound, and the line-up, that would define…

March 25, 2019
Photo: Focus Features
by Paul Attard Film Horizon Line

Everybody Knows | Asghar Farhadi

Iranian writer/director Asghar Farhadi understands the nature of secrets and their revelations, that they rarely signal resolution and instead work to further complicate situations. Whenever one of his characters confesses to some long-standing deception or discloses a crushing truth, the weight of this disclosure…

March 22, 2019
by Chris Mello Film Streaming Scene

Triple Frontier | JC Chandor

Early in the second half of J.C. Chandor’s Triple Frontier, Ben Affleck’s character executes a South American cocaine farmer, lying on the ground, just moments after killing several others in a split-second act of self-defense. There’s plenty of violence to go around in the…

March 22, 2019
Before We Vanish by Sean Gilman Film

Ramen Shop | Eric Khoo

A young man heads to Singapore in search of his mother’s family after his father, a successful ramen chef, dies. Gauzy flashbacks fill in his parents’ backstory in-between meetings with his estranged uncle and grandmother; his Chinese mother married his Japanese father against her own…

March 22, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism