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October 2019

Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Terminator: Dark Fate | Tim Miller

Sarah Connor ostensibly changed the future and defeated Skynet in 1991, averting the cataclysm that would have been Judgment Day. But the Terminators and the Terminator movies never seem to stop, dragging these characters again and again into increasingly convoluted time-whiplash whirlpools, the same…

October 31, 2019
Photo: Netflix
by Calum Reed Film Horizon Line

The King | David Michôd

The King At first glance, adapting a story about the seat of privilege that is the throne might seem like an unexpected move for Australian director David Michôd — whose 2010 film, Animal Kingdom, is about working class Aussies turning to a life of crime to get…

October 25, 2019
Photo: Ammar Sulaiman
Before We Vanish by Calum Reed Film

The Cave | Feras Fayyad

The Cave Since the Syrian Civil war began in 2011, there has been no shortage of documentaries about the plight of the nation’s people, the most memorable among them being Silvered Water, Syrian Self-Portrait (2014) and Feras Fayyad‘s own Last Men in Aleppo (2017). Consider The Cave, Fayyad’s latest capsule of…

October 24, 2019
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