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Credit: Disney
by M.G. Mailloux Film Streaming Scene

Black is King | Beyonce

As an act of synergy, the Beyonce-directed Disney+ release Black is King feels natural, perhaps even inevitable. At this point, Beyonce has successfully built herself into a massive entertainment brand, one that can conceivably hang alongside the immense Disney conglomerate. Indeed, few brands, companies,…

August 7, 2020
Photo: Apple TV+
by Matt Lynch Film Streaming Scene

Greyhound | Aaron Schneider

Another in an emerging subgenre of films featuring Tom Hanks in desperate situations, Greyhound is a visually clean, tactically-minded, and workmanlike effort from Aaron Schneider. Two things set Greyhound apart: its clean visual geometry and its narrative economy. We’re all prepared for a WW2…

July 18, 2020
Photo: Disney+
by Greg Cwik Film Streaming Scene

Hamilton | Thomas Kail

Hamilton barely qualifies as a film, losing much of what makes it a stage success in translation, and its historical revisionism feels much murkier in 2020 America.  In New York, during the 19th century, there was Broadway, which catered to New York’s more affluent…

July 16, 2020
by Steven Warner Film Streaming Scene

Palm Springs | Max Barbakow

Ever since H.G. Wells unleashed The Time Machine upon the world in 1895, artists have used the conceit to impart important life lessons, waxing broadly on everything from mortality to regret to the meaning of existence. Wells was the first to offer a science-based…

July 9, 2020
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

Wasp Network | Olivier Assayas

Olivier Assayas produced a stunningly idiosyncratic series of works in the 2010s, even by his typically eclectic standards. From the mammoth Carlos to the autobiographical Something in the Air to the cryptic chamber dramas Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper, Assayas seemed to be searching for new forms, new avenues…

June 24, 2020
by Steven Warner Film Streaming Scene

Da 5 Bloods | Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s newest joint, Da 5 Bloods, makes perfectly clear its influences when, within the first five minutes, the camera pans out from a giant poster of Francis Ford Coppola’s classic Vietnam War treatise Apocalypse Now, itself a spin on Joseph Conrad’s high school…

June 13, 2020
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