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by Matthew Lucas

Credit: KimStim
by Matthew Lucas Film Horizon Line

Hope | Maria Sødahl

Hope is an emotionally brutal, bruising film about the tricky territory that comes between love and loss. Hope is the kind of film that, on paper at least, sounds like made-for-TV melodrama, its material ripe for big emotions and rampant sentimentality; and in the…

April 21, 2021
Credit: IFFR
by Matthew Lucas Film

Feast | Tim Leyendekker

In 2008, three Dutchmen were accused of deliberately infecting scores of men with HIV during a series of sex parties in a crime that came to be known as the “Groningen case,” after the city in the Netherlands in which it took place. Evidence…

February 10, 2021
Credit: Edu Grau
by Matthew Lucas Film

Passing | Rebecca Hall

Based on the 1929 novel of the same name by Nella Larsen, Passing is an auspicious directorial debut for actress Rebecca Hall that follows a pair of mixed-race Black women whose light skin allows them to pass for white.  Once high school pals, Irene…

February 2, 2021
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