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Photo: Dead Oceans
by Andrew Bosma Ledger Line Music

Phoebe Bridgers | Punisher

After recent collaborative albums, Punisher shows Phoebe Bridgers to be a complex and preternaturally formed artist in her own right. At this point, Phoebe Bridgers seems unstoppable. While Punisher is only her second solo studio album, she’s been busy since her 2017 debut Stranger…

July 23, 2020
Photo: David Zorrakino/Getty
by Paul Attard Ledger Line Music

Arca | KiCk i

KiCk i is lame and tame — a pop-forward album of limited imagination and experimentation. It’s been a busy last few years for Alejandra Ghersi. In-between investing around three months worth of time into a popular MMORPG, contributing to the soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption…

July 23, 2020
by Greg Cwik Ledger Line Music

Chromatics | Closer to Grey

Johnny Jewel’s music is imbued with an eldritch air of nostalgia, the coupling of retro synth-pop and filmic ambiance bringing to mind images of a late night drive along a caliginous road; his production gleams like a rain-slick street, and the recalcitrant synth lines…

October 14, 2019
In Review | Online film and music criticism