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by Luke Gorham Music Obscure Object

Honey Harper | Starmaker

Honey Harper’s Starmaker offers a delicate, otherworldly reimagining of country music. Honey Harper isn’t yet a big name. But if you’ve had any exposure to the musician, you’ll know of his reputation as the modern torch carrier of Gram Parsons’ Cosmic American Music tradition. Born William…

July 27, 2020
by Taylor Murnane Music Obscure Object

Cecil Frena | Pit Boss

Cecil Frena, formerly known as Born Gold, has never really stuck to one genre, but has always been known for his tender, poignant lyrics and experimental, pop-leaning sounds. It was only since abandoning that previous moniker in favor of using his god-given name that…

September 16, 2019
by Tanner Stechnij Music Obscure Object

Lingua Ignota | Caligula

Noise can be cathartic. For Kristin Hayter, noise can even be a form of salvation. Caligula, Hayter’s latest album — released under the name Lingua Ignota — serves as a punishing retribution. To listen to this cacophonous symphony is to be indoctrinated into a…

August 21, 2019
by M.G. Mailloux Music Obscure Object

100 Gecs | 1000 Gecs

100 Gecs makes music that dares the listener to hide behind snobbery. Every song is designed to make your parents scoff, as if Gecs masterminds Dylan Brady and Laura Les exhumed the corpses of every embarrassing pop music trend of the collective millennial youth…

August 12, 2019
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