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Photo: 4AD
by Sam C. Mac Music Pop Rocks

Grimes | Miss Anthropocene

Miss Anthropocene is the type of pop eccentricity that only an artist like Grimes could conceive of.  Not since Bjork’s 1997 watershed Homogenic has a weird pop artist cast a masterpiece in the mold of Miss Anthropocene: a fusion of progressive sonics, compelling song craft, and high-concept…

July 30, 2020
Photo: Nabil Elderkin
by Paul Attard Music Pop Rocks

The Weeknd | After Hours

After Hours still revels in The Weeknd’s familiar hedonistic lyrical content, but also evinces an unexpected artistic progression. 2020For the better part of the last decade, Abel Tesfaye has been finding new ways to articulate his carnal desire for drugs, sex, and libertine satisfaction; on…

July 30, 2020
Photo: Phil Knott
by Paul Attard Music Pop Rocks

Poppy | I Disagree

I Disagree is a ferocious pop album and a defiant, artistic declaration of autonomy. Just who even is Poppy? There are a few floating ideas, vague assumptions one can make regarding her character based on a few off-kilter YouTube videos, ones that might suggest her…

July 30, 2020
Photo: Norbert Schoerner
by Alec Lane Music Pop Rocks

Lady Gaga | Chromatica

Chromatica delivers occasional melodic pleasures but is otherwise stripped of the complexity and contradiction that usually defines Gaga’s brand of pop. Each new release from Lady Gaga following the Fame and Born This Way heyday is more disarming than the last — increasingly structured around…

July 20, 2020
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