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by Andy Crump

by Andy Crump Film

V/H/S: Viral | Various Directors

It’s amusing to think that the V/H/S horror franchise has gone from bigger, to smaller, to smallest in the span of three films. Last year’s V/H/S 2 cut the first picture’s punishing two-hour running time down by about half an hour, resulting in a…

by Andy Crump Film

Open Windows | Nacho Vigalondo

Is Nacho Vigalondo prescient, or is he simply savvy enough to have tapped into our cultural obsessions with the lifestyles of the rich and famous? His third feature, Open Windows, may be two months past the “best by” date of August’s Celebgate scandal — in which…

by Andy Crump Film

The Book of Life | Jorge R. Gutiérrez

Jorge R. Gutierrez wants to teach people about his heritage. He also wants to make colorful, energetic animated films to dazzle a wide audience. With The Book of Life, Gutierrez manages to scratch both itches at once. It’s his first credit as a director…