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by Calum Marsh

Credit: Berlin Film Festival
by Calum Marsh Film

The Intruder | Natalia Meta

Following a trio of failed marriages, Jane Fonda famously later observed that the point at which she knew they were over was when she began to fantasize about her husbands’ deaths. Natalia Meta’s intrigue-filled The Intruder, having made its mark at this year’s Venice…

October 15, 2020
by Calum Marsh Retrospective

Certified Copy | Abbas Kiarostami

To engage with something critically is to assume, despite any post-structural handwringing, that the works with which we’re engaged contain some essential truth. That’s the conceit of all criticism: beyond projections of the reader, the personal prisms through which X looks like Y and vice versa, we’re required…

September 25, 2011
by Calum Marsh Retrospective

Taste of Cherry | Abbas Kiarostami

Part of the appeal of a film like Taste of Cherry—Kiarostami’s minimalist masterpiece, all white-canvas stretches of silence and inaction—lies in its openness to interpretation, in how it invites us to invest meaning in it rather than simply extract the meaning imposed upon it.…

September 5, 2011
by Calum Marsh Retrospective

Close-Up | Abbas Kiarostami

Whether a film does or does not present the truth seems considerably less important to us than whether or not it intends to do so. That is, we don’t really care whether a movie is based in fact or based in fiction so much as…

September 5, 2011
In Review | Online film and music criticism