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by Charles Lyons-Burt

Photo: Cannes Film Festival
Before We Vanish by Charles Lyons-Burt Film

Until the Birds Return | Karim Moussaoui

Karim Moussaoui’s Until the Birds Return boasts a multi-narrative, ensemble structure, weaving between the lives of three modestly connected sets of characters. The film’s focus is on the subjects’ separate experiences and what they say, taken together, about contemporary, post-colonial Algerian life. But Until the Birds Return isn’t self-congratulatory in the way…

April 28, 2020
by Charles Lyons-Burt Film

Creed | Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler’s Rocky spin-off Creed begins, evocatively, in a juvenile corrections facility. A handsomely framed shot depicts a line of African-American boys filing through a gated door, before the camera pushes into the room on the other side where a fight has broken out.…

December 17, 2015
by Charles Lyons-Burt Film

The Forbidden Room | Guy Maddin

Period homages or allusions to Hollywood’s past can be diminished without a new perspective to contextualize them. This is to say, reviving a given style can be limiting without some novel approach to invigorate the attempt. A twitchy grab-bag of colorful visuals and narrative digressions, Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin’s The…

December 4, 2015
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