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by Chris Mello

Credit: Fantasia Festival
by Chris Mello Film

Brain Freeze | Julian Knafo

Although shot before Canada went into lockdown, Brain Freeze is the rare film that benefits from being mapped onto the COVID-19 pandemic. Seen in the light of real-life disaster, its shallow and familiar political messaging might seem relevant rather than simply standard fare for…

Credit: mk2
by Chris Mello Film

A Chiara | Jonas Carpignano

A gangster film from the perspective of a 15-year-old girl, A Chiara, like The Godfather, begins with a party. That the most memorable mafia films often include a party — each film of Coppola’s saga begins with one, and Goodfellas’ wedding reception scene is…

Credit: Mubi
by Chris Mello Film Streaming Scene

Air Conditioner | Fradique

Air Conditioner is a beautiful, thoughtful work of easygoing charm and surprising intellect. As far as cinematic representations of heat go, Ernest Dickerson’s work on Do the Right Thing remains undefeated, with its yellow tint capturing brick buildings and asphalt streets that seem liable to…

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