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by Jake Mulligan

by Jake Mulligan Film Horizon Line

Julieta | Pedro Almodóvar

Relationships fray without stated explanations in Pedro Almodóvar’s Julieta—but the settings reveal what information characters don’t. Julieta (Emma Suarez) receives startling news from a friend on the streets of Madrid, flanked by brutalist architecture in the background. In front of that staggering building, Julieta recieves secondhand…

December 21, 2016
by Jake Mulligan Retrospective

Guilty of Romance | Sion Sono

An unfulfilled housewife drifts away from her mannered husband by selling her body whenever he’s away in Sion Sono’s Guilty of Romance—a film that seems in conversation with Luis Buñuel’s classic Belle de Jour. As with his forebear, the central transgression Sono is after is the wandering sex life of…

August 25, 2016
by Jake Mulligan Retrospective

Into a Dream | Sion Sono

An early moment in Sion Sono’s 2005 feature Into a Dream finds dorama actor Mutsugoro Suzuki (Tatsushi Tanaka) attending a low-budget Japanese-language staging of A Streetcar Named Desire, one marked by experimental acting and deliberately unreal conceits of staging. Suzuki joins a number of the performers after…

August 15, 2016
In Review | Online film and music criticism