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by Luke Gorham

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Pig | Michael Sarnoski

Pig isn’t the Nic Cage film you’re expecting — it’s better.  It’s tough to recall a recent film — particularly outside the auteur context — that announces itself with as much clarity as Pig. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a curmudgeonly hermit on the…

Credit: Kate Kirkwood
by Luke Gorham Film

Cow | Andrea Arnold

Depending on your perspective — and depending on the film — Andrea Arnold’s cinema vacillates between kitsch and kitchen sink, her intended brand of (dour) social realism sliding easily into fussy melodrama. Fish Tank’s over-seriousness marks one end of her spectrum, American Honey’s campier…

Credit: Kino Iberica
by Luke Gorham Film

Brighton 4th | Levan Koguashvili

There’s a scene midway through Levan Koguashvili’s Brighton 4th in which the film’s elderly protagonist, Khaki, explains to his sister-in-law that his health won’t allow him to work construction, only to immediately insist that she clamber onto his back so that he can prove…

Credit: IFFR
by Luke Gorham Film

Poupelle of Chimney Town | Yusuke Hirota

At this point, it’s fairly useless to ascribe Studio Ghibli qualities to any new anime release, so diluted have such comparisons become, but there’s an undeniable touch of that familiar eco fabulism to Studio 4°C’s latest, Poupelle of Chimney Town. Based on a children’s…

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