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by Luke Gorham

Credit: SPAI
by Luke Gorham Film Streaming Scene

Vivo | Kirk DeMicco

Vivo starts strong under Lin-Manuel’s distinctive brand, but veers into the realm of recycle in its disappointing back half. Few performers are more divisive in our present pop culture landscape than Lin-Manuel Miranda. This likely has to do with the line he toes between clever…

Credit: Neon
by Luke Gorham Film Genre Views

Pig | Michael Sarnoski

Pig isn’t the Nic Cage film you’re expecting — it’s better.  It’s tough to recall a recent film — particularly outside the auteur context — that announces itself with as much clarity as Pig. The film stars Nicolas Cage as a curmudgeonly hermit on the…

Credit: Kate Kirkwood
by Luke Gorham Film

Cow | Andrea Arnold

Depending on your perspective — and depending on the film — Andrea Arnold’s cinema vacillates between kitsch and kitchen sink, her intended brand of (dour) social realism sliding easily into fussy melodrama. Fish Tank’s over-seriousness marks one end of her spectrum, American Honey’s campier…