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by Matt Lynch

Credit: Apple
by Matt Lynch Film Streaming Scene

Cherry | Joe & Anthony Russo

Cherry is a cartoonish failure of imagination, technique, and performance.  Joe and Anthony Russo, the producer/directors who found themselves at the helm of the biggest studio franchise in Hollywood history, probably thought it would satisfy their creative impulses and prove their filmmaking bona fides to…

February 25, 2021
Credit: Sundance Institute
by Matt Lynch Film

The Blazing World | Carlson Young

With horror films in general and increasingly mired in slow-cinema formalism and banal explorations of trauma and representation without the spine of narrative (not to mention blatant this-movie-is-like-that-movie referencing), it was only a matter of time before someone truly concocted the ultimate cliche. The…

February 4, 2021
Credit: TIFF
by Matt Lynch Film Horizon Line

Falling | Viggo Mortensen

Falling is an unfussy, straightforward character piece, unable to reach any real highs but wise enough not to fall into the maudlin arc that is so readily available to the material. The prospect of spending a couple hours with one of the most tremendously unpleasant…

February 4, 2021
Credit: Sbnation
by Matt Lynch Film

Best Films of 2020: History of the Seattle Mariners

“The Seattle Mariners are eminently lovable, profoundly human, and stunningly, outrageously weird.” These words come courtesy of Jon Bois, writer, editor, animator, producer, and director of the idiosyncratic and extraordinarily engaging The History of the Seattle Mariners. He’s describing its subject, but he might as…

December 27, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism