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by Matt Lynch

Credit: Disney+
Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Mulan | Niki Caro

Mulan fails as action spectacle and lazily cribs from the vast cinematic legacy it so loosely approximates. After such massive financial successes as Beauty and the Beast and especially last year’s The Lion King, it was of course highly unlikely that Disney would stop mining their…

September 7, 2020
Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Matt Lynch Film

Feels Good Man | Arthur Young

Poor, meek Matt Furie. The San Francisco cartoonist doesn’t seem like he has an indecent or aggressive quality to his name, but his innocent creation Pepe the Frog, from his 2006 comic Boys Club, somehow wound up a twisted mascot for right-wing hate speech.…

August 20, 2020
Photo: Apple TV+
by Matt Lynch Film Streaming Scene

Greyhound | Aaron Schneider

Another in an emerging subgenre of films featuring Tom Hanks in desperate situations, Greyhound is a visually clean, tactically-minded, and workmanlike effort from Aaron Schneider. Two things set Greyhound apart: its clean visual geometry and its narrative economy. We’re all prepared for a WW2…

July 18, 2020
Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

The Invisible Man | Leigh Whannell

From the 1933 original to Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man, the cinematic iterations of Invisible Men have generally dealt with how a lack of accountability tends to bring out the worst in people, and they typically grant already somewhat sociopathic or narcissistic male characters with…

February 27, 2020
Blockbuster Beat by Matt Lynch Film

Birds of Prey | Cathy Yan

Ostensibly a spinoff from 2016’s Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey wisely abandons most of that film’s macho swagger — and, much more pointedly, its iteration of the Joker character — in favor of some easily digestible pop feminism in the form of a softened…

February 6, 2020
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