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by Mike Thorn

Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Mike Thorn Film Streaming Scene

Detention | John Hsu

Detention recommends director John Hsu’s future efforts, but this debut effort falls mostly short of the mark. John Hsu’s debut feature Detention isn’t so much a horror film with political undertones as it is a historical, political drama with brief flashes of horror imagery. Unfortunately,…

Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Mike Thorn Film

Kriya | Sidharth Srinivasan

Writer-director Sidharth Srinivasan’s Kriya intelligently inhabits two familiar horror setups: first, the unease of a mysterious seduction; and second, the narrative of the hapless outsider venturing into an unknown world (whose horrors, ultimately, turn out not to be so unfamiliar after all). The story…

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