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by Morris Yang

Credit: Locarno Film Festival
by Morris Yang Film

Mad God | Phil Tippett

More famously known for his visual effects work on such timeless classics as Star Wars and Jurassic Park, Phil Tippett never quite successfully pivoted into filmmaking proper. While his illustrious career saw him recognized with various accolades (including Oscars and Emmys aplenty) in both…

Credit: Sundance Institute
by Morris Yang Film Horizon Line

CODA | Siân Heder

CODA‘s personal storytelling and intelligent subversion of its middlebrow formulae make for a surprisingly affecting viewing experience. The title of Siân Heder’s sophomore feature is twofold: an acronym for the “child of deaf adults,” and the concluding passage or movement of a music piece.…

Credit: Cannes Film Festival
by Morris Yang Film

Moneyboys | C.B. Yi

A tacked-on melancholy shoulders, for the most part, the dramatic weight present in C.B. Yi’s carefully composed and frequently arresting first feature. Moneyboys, as its titular plurality suggests, calls into focus not just personal biography, of which its half-decade account is largely constituted, but…