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by Patrick Preziosi

Credit: Rhayne Vermette
by Patrick Preziosi Film

Ste. Anne | Rhayne Vermette

In Ste. Anne, Rhayne Vermette strives to imbue narrative filmmaking with as much tangible texture as possible, even if that means freely disrupting said narrative while still maintaining a semblance of a linear progression. Even in its most ostensibly, diegetically realist passages, the chronicle…

Credit: NYFF
by Patrick Preziosi Film

The Tragedy of Macbeth | Joel Coen

The Coens excel in films that flaunt a superficial mastery of genre, form, and cinematic grammar, all to arrive at intentionally depleted and exhausted conclusions. Projects either end up in absolute infernos (Barton Fink), or coil themselves so tightly they shatter into giddy cynicism…

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