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by Paul Attard

Credit: TIFF
by Paul Attard Film Streaming Scene

The Disciple | Chaitanya Tamhane

The Disciple‘s diptych structure creates a mature, nuanced portrait of the weight of personal and professional compromise. Sharad Nerulkar — the titular disciple in Chaitanya Tamhane’s sophomore feature — is, by most accounts, unexceptional. He’s devoted his life to archiving, preserving, and, most importantly…

Credit: RORY
by Paul Attard Music Pop Rocks

Justin Bieber | Justice

Facile, mawkish songwriting, bland production, and an overly-affected show of “authenticity” do major injustice to Justice. Justin Beiber wants to sell you a narrative: that the once-dumb adolescent from Ontario has grown up, found God (ok, he’s always had that), gotten married, and become…

Credit: NYFF
by Paul Attard Film Horizon Line

The Inheritance | Ephraim Asili

While frequently interesting to watch unfold, The Inheritance has no overarching vision and thus finds much of its potential political power muted. Inspired by both director Ephraim Asili’s personal experiences living in a Black radical collective and the formalism of late-’60s Godard (a giant…

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