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by Paul Attard

Credit: Tobin Yelland
by Paul Attard Film

C’mon C’mon | Mike Mills

Next only to dead wives, doomed love triangles, abusive parents, and being “the chosen one,” precocious, quirky children might be the single most annoying and commonly relied-on narrative cliche commercial cinema has to offer. They’re usually paired with a grumpy adult for any given…

Credit: Wild Bunch
by Paul Attard Film

Vortex | Gaspar Noé

It’s become somewhat typical for the critical discourse surrounding Gaspar Noé’s films to be less about artistic merit than ethical concerns regarding their often charged depictions of bodily abuse — which, to be fair, should be attributed to wide-ranging shifts in analytical conceptions regarding…

Credit: IFC Films
by Paul Attard Film

Benedetta | Paul Verhoeven

The central moral dilemma at the heart of Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta — which loosely follows the trials and tribulations of Benedetta Carlini (Virginie Efira), a 17th-century nun and eventual abbess, whose carnal escapades with a fellow nun led to the stripping of her position…

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