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by Sam Thomas-Redfern

by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film

Bitter Bread | Abbas Fahdel

Situated in a tent camp within Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, Bitter Bread follows a number of Syrian refugees, separated from their homes by war and snow-capped mountains, as the travail of their everyday existence is brought to light. Director Abbas Fahdel sews together the experience…

by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film

The Tree House | Truong Minh Quý

Although it’s ostensibly science-fiction, The Tree House is a film grounded in the past, present and future — or perhaps it occupies the gaps in between? Narrating from Mars (a location never seen, only referenced), director Truong Minh Quý leads us through the caverns…

by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film Kicking the Canon

Dead Man | Jim Jarmusch

Innocence and experience materialize in the poetry of William Blake as opposing forces; the former embodied within natural objects, passions and love, whereas the latter, like any good romantic, is found in the blackened corruption spreading across the land, engendering the extreme squalor of…

by Sam Thomas-Redfern Film Kicking the Canon

Naked | Mike Leigh

In 1987, Margaret Thatcher made her infamous assertion that “there is no such thing as society” in order to espouse her doctrine of methodological individualism. Well, if the specter of Thatcher looms large over Naked, then it seems only natural that most of its characters should…