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by Selina Lee

Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Selina Lee Film

Dinner in America | Adam Rehmeier

Adam Rehmeier’s sophomore film Dinner in America updates an early-2000s brand of suburban misfit ennui with a winning, occasionally uneven blend of sweet and sour teen angst. It lacks the cringey earnestness of Napoleon Dynamite or Ghost World’s undercurrent of resigned melancholy, content to…

August 25, 2020
Photo: IFC
by Selina Lee Film Horizon Line

Relic | Natalie Erika James

Relic is a nifty work of ambiguous horror built on the duality of destruction and creation.  Relic, the debut feature from Japanese-Australian director Natalie Erika James, is a haunted house drama with a thrillingly cerebral core. Edna, the family matriarch (Australian theater veteran Robyn Nevin),…

July 23, 2020
Photo: Japan Cuts
by Selina Lee Film

The Murders of Oiso | Takuya Misawa

Set in the small coastal town of Oiso, Takuya Misawa’s sophomore feature is a crisp, withholding tale of pent-up aggression and toxic masculine friendship. A small crew of young men in matching bomber jackets gamble, smoke, and drink together in a garage, nominally employed…

July 21, 2020
by Selina Lee Film Kicking the Canon

Thelma & Louise | Ridley Scott

At the crossroads of about a half-dozen genres and borrowing the best that each has to offer, there’s no other movie quite like Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise. It’s remarkable that a Brit previously known for atmospheric slow-burns like Alien and Blade Runner helmed…

June 27, 2020
by Selina Lee Film Retrospective

Days | Tsai Ming-liang

Those familiar with Tawainese auteur Tsai Ming-liang will know what to expect from his latest feature, Days, which won the Teddy Award at the 2020 Berlinale. With his trademark slow-burn style, Tsai assembles 46 shots over 2 hours, eschewing script, storyboards, and other conventional filmmaking processes for…

June 18, 2020
by Selina Lee Film Retrospective

Goodbye, Dragon Inn | Tsai Ming-liang

In 2003’s Goodbye, Dragon Inn, Tsai Ming-liang’s gentle ode to cinema, the Taiwanese director’s famously steady camera trains on a handful of moviegoers catching a late-night screening of wuxia classic Dragon Inn. Tsai’s funhouse mirror is subtle and suspenseful, and he carves out a…

June 10, 2020
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