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by Taylor Murnane

by Taylor Murnane Music Obscure Object

Cecil Frena | Pit Boss

Cecil Frena, formerly known as Born Gold, has never really stuck to one genre, but has always been known for his tender, poignant lyrics and experimental, pop-leaning sounds. It was only since abandoning that previous moniker in favor of using his god-given name that…

by Taylor Murnane Kicking the Canon Music

Cocteau Twins | Treasure

From their first release (1982’s Garlands), Cocteau Twins enjoyed critical acclaim. But it was only after the departure of founding member and bassist Will Heggie — and the induction of his replacement, Simon Raymonde — in 1983, that the band would settle into the sound, and the line-up, that would define…

by Taylor Murnane Foreign Correspondent Music

Cö Shu Nie | Aurora

Like most artists who set out to create a novel sound all their own, Cö Shu Nie are hard to put in a single box. While the group definitely falls under the wider category of Japan’s post-hardcore movement, simply describing them as such would be reductive; they combine…

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