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by Taylor Murnane

by Taylor Murnane Music Obscure Object

Cecil Frena | Pit Boss

Cecil Frena, formerly known as Born Gold, has never really stuck to one genre, but has always been known for his tender, poignant lyrics and experimental, pop-leaning sounds. It was only since abandoning that previous moniker in favor of using his god-given name that…

September 16, 2019
by Taylor Murnane Foreign Correspondent Music

BiSH | Carrots and Sticks

For their last few releases, Japanese idol rock group BiSH has been focused on fashioning a larger sound and building a cult of personality around themselves, these concerns being the new focus of their notorious label, WACK. This has led to many of the…

September 7, 2019
by Taylor Murnane Kicking the Canon Music

Cocteau Twins | Treasure

From their first release (1982’s Garlands), Cocteau Twins enjoyed critical acclaim. But it was only after the departure of founding member and bassist Will Heggie — and the induction of his replacement, Simon Raymonde — in 1983, that the band would settle into the sound, and the line-up, that would define…

March 25, 2019
by Taylor Murnane Foreign Correspondent Music

Cö Shu Nie | Aurora

Like most artists who set out to create a novel sound all their own, Cö Shu Nie are hard to put in a single box. While the group definitely falls under the wider category of Japan’s post-hardcore movement, simply describing them as such would be reductive; they combine…

November 22, 2018
In Review | Online film and music criticism