by Tony G. Huang

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Big Star | Radio City

March 20, 2020

It can be tempting to give up early on Radio City — right after album opener “O, My Soul,” the one song here that seems to just go on and on, as if it were meant to weed-out those who would judge the band in haste. But “O, My Soul” is actually just the tough, technically accomplished exterior of an album otherwise filled with explosively passionate music: track after track, Radio City delivers some of the most beautiful songs put…

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by Tony G. Huang Retrospective

Yourself and Yours | Hong Sang-soo

In Yourself and Yours, we find Hong Sang-soo amusing himself by writing scenes that are completely ambivalent in nature, mainly due to having lead actress Lee Yoo-Young play a woman, Min-jeong, who refuses to be identified — either to other characters, to the audience,…

October 26, 2018
by Tony G. Huang Retrospective

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon | Hong Sang-soo

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon is an exemplary minor film, shaped more by its incidental pleasures than any grand design. It owes much of its charm to actress Jung Eun-chae, as Haewon; Jung’s natural exuberance is used to energize Hong’s characterization of Haewon, who appears to…

October 25, 2018
by Tony G. Huang Retrospective

Woman Is the Future of Man | Hong Sang-soo

The first striking thing about 2006’s Woman Is the Future of Man is its blunt exhibition of various cruel and brutal sexual behaviors, which range from more typical, regretful encounters to acts which can be described as criminal. Though Hong isn’t often thought of…

October 18, 2018
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