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Credit: IMDB
by Steven Warner Film Horizon Line

Ava | Tate Taylor

Ava is a generic, poorly-shot, and utterly pointless entry into the female assassin subgenre. Tate Taylor must be the most charming man in the world. There’s no other explanation for why he continues to be gifted cinematic canvases upon which to exhibit his hackneyed “talents”…

September 24, 2020
Credit: TIFF
by Daniel Gorman Film Horizon Line

About Endlessness | Roy Andersson

About Endlessness is a gentler than usual work from Roy Andersson, one that reflects humanity’s ability to create both great beauty and profound suffering. Those complaining that Wes Anderson’s movies all look the same have clearly never encountered the work of Roy Andersson. Over the…

September 18, 2020
Credit: Netflix
by Steven Warner Film Streaming Scene

The Paramedic | Carles Torras

The Paramedic is the gleeful, glorious pulp-trash the world needs right now. New Spanish-language thriller The Paramedic wastes no time in establishing its title character, Angel (Mario Casas), as an unrepentant scumbag. Within the course of five minutes, he is seen stealing from his clients and…

September 18, 2020
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