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Before We Vanish by Matt Lynch Film

Miss Hokusai | Keiichi Hara

Focusing on the daughter of well-known Edo-period Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, the episodic, contemplative anime biopic Miss Hokusai gingerly examines young O-ei’s growth as an artist in her own right, how she reconciles her work with her father’s, and the demands of a gradually modernizing Japan.…

October 14, 2016
by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

New York Asian Film Festival 2016

The New York Asian Film Festival is currently in the midst of its 15th year (it kicked off on June 22nd and will run until July 9th). As per usual, the festival represents one of the densest screening schedules of upcoming and repertory Asian cinema in the…

July 6, 2016
In Review | Online film and music criticism