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Before We Vanish

Photo: Hawkeye
Before We Vanish by Daniel Gorman Film

Tito | Grace Glowicki

Grace Glowicki shows promise with Tito, but the film is ultimately little more than a strange trifle. Grace Glowicki‘s Tito is the kind of strange, no-budget oddity that barely gets released these days. Equal parts cringe comedy and nightmare fantasy, Tito isn’t exactly successful,…

July 28, 2020
Photo: Film4
Before We Vanish by Calum Reed Film

Saint Maud | Rose Glass

Saint Maud is a horror film of masterful tension and religious complication. It doesn’t take much to surmise why indie studio-of-the-moment A24 snapped up Rose Glass‘s creepy debut Saint Maud right out of the Toronto Film Festival. Pulsating as it is, this psychological horror is a masterclass…

July 28, 2020
Photo: IFC
Before We Vanish by Daniel Gorman Film

The Rental | Dave Franco

The Rental is a serviceable if predictable thriller, but immediately situates Dave as the better director of the Franco brothers. Dave Franco must have taken a look at the expansive, eccentric filmography of older brother James and thought: if he can do it, so can…

July 28, 2020
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