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Before We Vanish

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Before We Vanish by Ayeen Forootan Film

Billie | James Erskine

Billie offers a look at one complex woman through the lens of another, each with a distinct story that director James Erskine manages to weave into an impressive if unambitious narrative. In February 1978, young arts writer and journalist Linda Lipnack Kuehl was found…

December 18, 2020
Credit: Utopia
Before We Vanish by Nicholas Yap Film

Minor Premise | Eric Schultz

Minor Premise boasts classic sci-fi origins, but is largely a shamble of ill-fitting elements that fails to build to anything cohesive or appealing. One of the science fiction genre’s most enduring fascinations has been with memory and its plasticine architecture — better endowed in a…

December 18, 2020
Credit: IFC
Before We Vanish by Steven Warner Film

Dear Santa | Dana Nachman

Dear Santa succeeds in encouraging an emotional response, but does in the most manipulative of fashions. Documentary filmmaker Dana Nachman strikes again. Her latest effort, Dear Santa, is a film that, much like past efforts Batkid Begins and Pick of the Litter, seems to exist…

December 12, 2020
Credit: STX
Before We Vanish by Daniel Gorman Film

Songbird | Adam Mason

Songbird is a well-directed but otherwise bland, opportunistic bit of pablum. The press materials for the new COVID thriller Songbird spill a lot of ink on the filmmakers patting themselves on the back for creating a movie about “hope” and “resilience” in the middle of…

December 12, 2020
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