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Before We Vanish by Zach Lewis Film

Western | Valeska Grisebach

The American Western — usually identified by its action, machismo, and its oftentimes flimsy portrayal of Native American genocide — has also always dealt with borders. The Mormons of John Ford’s Wagon Master drift into the territory of Utah sixteen years before its statehood in order to find…

by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

New York Film Festival 2017 – Dispatch 2

In our second dispatch from this year’s New York Film Festival (the first is here), we take a look at the veteran Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland’s “quietly radical” Spoor; the contemporary political implications of “Berlin School” director Valeska Grisebech’s neo-western, Western; two black-and-white films about infidelity, Hong Sang-soo’s The…

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