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Yoshifumi Tsubota

by InRO Staff Festival Coverage Film

Japan Cuts 2016 – Dispatch 2

The 10th anniversary edition of Japan Cuts, North America’s largest festival for new Japanese film, runs from July 14th to the 24th, and we’re aiming to cover as many of the films in its program as we can. Our second dispatch features Junji Sakamoto’s new comedy; teen…

July 21, 2016
by Luke Gorham Film

The Shell Collector | Yoshifumi Tsubota

Sourcing material from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anthony Doerr certainly lends Yoshifumi Tsubota’s second film a certain pedigree—and indeed, The Shell Collector looks as if it may prove an evocative drama of dueling personalities for much of its first half. Unfortunately, awkward tonal shifts, which may…

July 21, 2016
In Review | Online film and music criticism