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by Daniel Gorman

Credit: Nightstream
by Daniel Gorman Film

Darkness | Emanuela Rossi

It’s not quite accurate to describe Darkness as magic realism, but it’s not strictly a genre piece, either. Much like the children at the story’s center, the film is best considered a kind of chrysalis, shifting and changing shape as the narrative progresses. Directed…

October 15, 2020
Credit: Amazon/Blumhouse
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

Nocturne | Zu Quirke

Nocturne, while imperfect and visually deficient, nonetheless represents the best yet of Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse collab. Part of the second batch of Blumhouse films premiering direct-to-streaming on Amazon, Nocturne, while far from perfect, at least shows what this distribution experiment could be capable…

October 15, 2020
Credit: NYFF
by Daniel Gorman Film

Look Below Then | Ben Rivers

The third part of Ben Rivers’ so-called “sci-fi” trilogy, following Slow Action (2011) and Urth (2016), Look Then Below gives the unique impression of being an actual alien artifact. It renders the natural unnatural, transforming Earth’s basic signifiers — water, foliage, dirt, rock —…

October 12, 2020
Credit: Nightstream
by Daniel Gorman Film

Bloody Hell | Alister Grierson

As film festivals have gone largely virtual in the face of our new pandemic reality, many critics have lamented the now-absent communal aspect of these events; gone are the post-screening conversations and interviews, the mingling in long lines, and the thrill of watching a…

October 9, 2020
Credit: Amazon
by Daniel Gorman Film Streaming Scene

The Lie | Veena Sud

The Lie is a generic, inauspicious inauguration for Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse collaboration.  Just in time for Halloween, uber-producer Jason Blum (and his Blumhouse Pictures) has teamed up with Amazon to release eight features directly to the commerce giant’s streaming platform. While the press…

October 6, 2020
Credit: Neon
by Daniel Gorman Film Horizon Line

Possessor | Brandon Cronenberg

Possessor is an artfully ultra-violent and surprisingly empathetic mash-up of futuristic and retro genre influences. In Brandon Cronenberg’s debut film Antiviral, there’s a line of dialogue that sticks out as a kind of poetic koan to his sensibility; a salesman specializing in pushing celebrities’ viral contagions…

October 3, 2020
In Review | Online film and music criticism