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by Luke Gorham

Credit: Ai Weiwei Studio
by Luke Gorham Film

Best Films of 2020: CoroNation

The first 30 minutes of CoroNation, Ai Weiwei’s comprehensive snapshot of Wuhan, China in the earliest days of COVID-19’s global devastation, are among the most compelling put to screen this year. By focusing on ground-level human stories — in the opening moments, a couple trying…

December 27, 2020
Credit: Film at Lincoln Center
by Luke Gorham Film

Nasir | Arun Karthick

Nasir is a delicate, disquieting film that opens up into something far grander than its brevity and slice-of-life template would at first suggest.  What’s immediately striking about Nasir, Arun Karthick’s sophomore feature, is the ebb-and-flow rhythm of its slice-of-life portraiture. Karthick immediately and consistently trains…

December 17, 2020
Credit: NYFF
by Luke Gorham Film Streaming Scene

Lovers Rock | Steve McQueen

With Lovers Rock, McQueen mostly turns down his directorial affectations and let’s the film’s beauty and joy act as guide.  Steve McQueen has always been a fine purveyor of potentially rich and powerful narratives, but he’s been much less consistent as their steward. His first…

November 27, 2020
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