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Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Daniel Gorman Film Genre Views

Lapsis | Noah Hutton

Lapsis mines much of its dystopic power through appropriately small-scale world-building and clear-eyed rhetoric. Noah Hutton’s Lapsis is a genuine curiosity, a micro-budget sci-fi feature that blends speculative technology and a dry sense of humor with Ken Loach-style political agitprop. The world of Lapsis looks…

Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Mike Thorn Film Streaming Scene

Detention | John Hsu

Detention recommends director John Hsu’s future efforts, but this debut effort falls mostly short of the mark. John Hsu’s debut feature Detention isn’t so much a horror film with political undertones as it is a historical, political drama with brief flashes of horror imagery. Unfortunately,…

Credit: Fantasia Fest
by Selina Lee Film

Dinner in America | Adam Rehmeier

Adam Rehmeier’s sophomore film Dinner in America updates an early-2000s brand of suburban misfit ennui with a winning, occasionally uneven blend of sweet and sour teen angst. It lacks the cringey earnestness of Napoleon Dynamite or Ghost World’s undercurrent of resigned melancholy, content to…

Photo: TIFF
by Daniel Gorman Film

Pelican Blood | Katrin Gebbe

Nina Hoss is an absolute treasure, one of the great actresses of contemporary cinema; her collaborations with Christian Petzold produced some of the decade’s best films. It’s truly a tribute to Hoss’s abilities, then, that Pelican Blood is watchable, even intermittently touching. Katrin Gebbe’s…

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